NEAS Schedule

Shareholders: Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping


Makivik Corporation, the Inuit Birthright Corporation from Nunavik, and Transport Nanuk Inc. (a joint venture between Logistec Corporation and The North West Company) own NEAS Inc. jointly.

Merkosak Construction Ltd.

Established in 1987 and operating out of Pond Inlet, Merkosak Construction Ltd is a registered as Nunavut Business and Inuit Firm and performs local sealift cartage, construction services, general contractor services, maintenance services. Simon Merkosak is the owner and serves as President of Merkosak Construction Ltd.

Isaac (Ike) Haulli .

Isaac (Ike) Haulli is the owner and serves as President of Savik Enterprises Ltd., a Nunavut business and Inuit firm under the NNI and NTI registries. The company delivers excavation services, general contractor and construction services, moving services, freight and cargo services as well as local sealift cartage services.

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