NEAS Schedule

NEAS is committed to marine safety in the Arctic

Shipments of hazardous materials are subject to special controls and are governed by the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods).

It is essential that every shipper complies with safety standards and completes the required declarations available on the Transport Canada Website.

Some of our key steps:



NEAS offers stuffing of 20ft containers. Containers help to reduce the risk of loss or damage to cargo, and also provide the highest standard of cargo safety available today.



NEAS regroups small shipments destined to certain communities into 20ft containers for safer handling and transit.



NEAS offers the flexibility of dispersing or distributing specified cargoes into various container units, thus providing an essential network in the North.



Any cargo which is not containerized must be export packed which includes crating, bundling, strapping, palletizing, bagging, marking, weighing and/or marshalling. Such packaging offers a safer transportation haven for your cargoes.

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