Cédule NEAS

Mission, Values and the NEAS Difference


NEAS was created to contribute to sustainable economic development for the people and local communities of the North by delivering better marine transportation with modern vessels, enhanced cargo services, and highly skilled and professional employees committed to customer service.

NEAS provides meaningful participation for local Inuit in the essential marine transportation business with training and employment.

The NEAS Difference

  • a long-term commitment to the North
  • a long tradition and expertise of shipping in the Arctic
  • an approach based on customer-oriented services
  • a commitment to innovation in cargo services
  • vessels designed specifically for the conditions of the North
  • the largest cargo carrying capacity
  • highly trained, qualified and dedicated employees
  • providing an avenue for training and employment opportunities in the North
  • NEAS conforms to the Government of Nunavut’s Nunavummi
  • Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti (NNI) Policy and as such receives the benefits of this Policy
  • NEAS is also in compliance with article 24 of Nunavut Land Claim Agreement
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