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Protecting the Arctic Environment

NEAS is dedicated to protecting the Arctic with an unwavering commitment to sustainable development, respect for nature and our land.

NEAS people, innovation and technology currently offer many environmental initiatives, including:

  • A cost effective environmental program offered with Avataani Environmental and SOGHU (Société de gestion des huiles usagées) for recycling used oils and oily products, glycol, aerosols (including lubricant aerosol and brake cleaner containers) and used filters. Please see Publicity Material for additional information.
  • A domestic waste management system on board the ships, protecting the marine wildlife and maintain an aquatic ecosystems
  • Sailing schedules prepared to maximize efficiencies and reduce unnecessary moves, thus reduce Co2 emissions
  • Use of containers reduces costs, scrap and waste at beaches -- container shipping is the most carbon efficient means of transporting most goods across the Arctic

The NEAS system of containerization has revolutionized the movement of goods and the increased efficiency of moving goods has produced numerous benefits -- including lower environmental impacts associated with the movement of products.

The NEAS Difference

NEAS has modernized arctic sealift operations with a shift towards multi-purpose container vessels with lightering operations, as opposed to traditional tug and barge-only operations.

We are not only about marine vessels. We also bring along with us to all the infrastructure required, including:

  • two tugs and barges per vessel
  • a 15-ton fork lift
  • smaller fork lifts
  • office and administration

We bring everything we need to each community to clear, maintain and secure our beach working area and to safely deliver the cargo to your door.

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